Monday, May 2, 2011

Bye Bye Crib

I said good-bye to the crib the other day. I just gave it away on Saturday to couple who needed one.

I remember the day we bought it at Sears. Bubba was about 2 months old, we'd just moved back to Memphis and he was in a pack n play because 1)I knew we would move when he was a month old & 2) I refused to much of anything because I couldn't believe I'd actually have the need for it. I did manage to buy the dresser (since the dresser could be used for someone other than a baby, really - but not the crib). I remember the day Colby took it down after Bubba got his leg stuck between the slats at 23 months old. I remember having to leave the room as it was unassembled. I was so not ready. He wasn't even 2!!

Then I remember seeing it come back together in Sweet Pea's room, just 2 weeks before she was born. I couldn't believe I was getting to use it again.

2 years & 6 months later, she's a big girl now and getting too big to be comfy in there, although she's never tried to get out. She did so good! It took about 30 minutes to get her to lay down, she was so excited. She kept getting up and getting this stuffed animal and that one. But the second night went much smoother and she's done great. She doesn't get out, even once she wakes up in the morning. She calls for me and waits patiently in the bed til I get there.

The crib stayed in her room for 2 days, just in case. Then I, yep, me, took it apart. I kind of think I had to. When she came in, she said "where my bed go?" I said, "you have your new big girl bed now". She said "yeah!" and got in it. And that's the last she's mentioned it. I loaded it into a car on Saturday and said goodbye to that part of our baby-raising.

Friday, February 25, 2011

How a meatball can drive you crazy.

If you are a FB friend, my status today was "I now know why Sweet Pea wakes up so requires a lot of planning to see how crazy she can make me" (or something like that since that was hours ago and I've lost many brain cells since then).

Here's an example of how she does it:

She likes Spagetti-O's WITH MEATBALLS. Both my kids do so that makes it easy. So that's what she wanted for lunch so I got a can out and put it on the stove (though I'm feeding her food laced with many preservatives that I can't pronounce, at least I'm also not microwaving it so as to change it's already weird preserved state). After I put it in her bowl, I cut all the meatballs in half because they are a bit big for her. Now, generally, she'll eat all the meatballs before even touching the "O"s. But keeping with her "today I'll drive mommy nuts" theme...she decided she didn't want ANY meatballs. Now, this wouldn't be as funny if not for the fact that I had just DOUBLED the amount of meatballs by cutting them in half. But, still, I dug them all out for my Sweet Pea.

Just an example of how it is possible for a meatball to be the thing that sends you over the edge.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Praying and praying more

As with most things in life, prayer requests come in groups. You won't have much other than your normal, everyday prayers for general health, safe traveling, etc etc and then BAM - tons of stuff that's way more important that your little world come tumbling in.

Here's what we have been praying about lately:

a few weeks ago an acquaintance from our church home in Oklahoma was put in the ICU with severe pneumonia, on a ventilator, medical coma...She's our age, I suppose, mid-30s. two kids at home. Anyway, after over 2 weeks in ICU, she's now in a regular room and starting therapy to regain her strength. Her name is Heather in case you want to add her to your list too.

Then we found out that that same church lost it's pastor on Wednesday night in a motorcycle crash. Just tragic. His name is Alan Day so please pray for his wife, Alice, their family and the church family. He was a great man of God and will be missed.

Then this morning, I got an update on a family that I "met" online on Babycenter when I was pregnant with Sweet Pea. She & I were due the same day, I think. Anyway, her sweet twin girls came early, one did not live and the other, Veiyah, has severe heart issues. She's had multiple surgeries and procedures in her short life. Today is another one. They are replacing a shunt and whatever else they feel they need to do to get her through to the next procedure or heart transplant. If you are also a FB friend of mine, you can find a link to her blog.

Reminds me that my headache this week, and trying to potty train sweet pea, and whatever other little issues in my life right now aren't really that big a deal. We are all healthy and happy and here at home where I can love on them whenever I want.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Job, Mommy!

Sweet Pea has recently taken an interest in "going potty". Bubba was just shy of 3 when we did the 'One Day Potty Party' based on a book by Teri Crane. It was great, he was ready, it took about 3 days and we were done. But, I could reason with him and explain things to him better than I can with Sweet Pea, who is just over 2 years old. But, if she's interested, I'm game.

So for the last few days, she has been going potty. She's pretty good to try each time I ask her. She will even sometimes tell me she has to go and she can hold it through the eternity it takes her to pull down her pants, undo & remove her diaper, and get up onto the potty. Heaven forbid I try to help with any of these steps! She has even done #2 twice! She sometimes has worn training panties and gets highly upset when she has an accident. So, I am pleased overall.

Like any good mommy, I act like she's won the Nobel Peace Prize every time she goes. Lots of clapping and cheering. Last night, after she went potty herself, she said "mommy, potty". So, willing to set a good example, I went potty too. She watched intently (and a bit too close, really) and after I was done, she started jumping up and down and saying "YEAH". Then as we are walking out of the bathroom, she says "Good Job, Mommy". So cute!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hope is in the small things

A few months after W & K were born, a friend & I were shopping at some little craft fairs in Maine. We came upon a booth where some older ladies had items they had crocheted and knitted. The stuff was absolutely beautiful and so cheap. The little baby blankets were about $5.00 - I had no reason to buy baby blankets, but they were so pretty and so soft, I couldn't resist. So I bought 2. A mint green one and a light purple one. They also had the sweetest little sweaters for girls, no buttons, just a tie at the top. I remember thinking "I really need to buy those" I don't know why, as I said, I surely had no little one to put it on. But, I had the strongest need to buy them. It gave me hope that one day, I'd have a little one to wear them. That was in 2001. So here we are almost 10 years, 3 moves, & 2 blessings later...

Sometimes all you need is a little hope for your hearts desire and a little faith to get you there. Oh, and she uses the blankets for her dolls :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going strong (well, at least going)

I am still going to the YMCA. I'm actually sort of enjoying it. Not that I like working out...I still do not get endorphins and generally need food & a nap when I get home. But, I am doing it. I started a new "class" two weeks ago. It's trekking on the treadmill. Another "t" - torture. We go up to a 15% incline and do all sort of things I didn't think were safe to do on a treadmill, like walking backwards, sideways, and doing lunges all while the thing is moving. And it's an hour. So I do that on Wednesdays and try to do an aerobics class at least one other day a week. I just got all set up (from the trekking instructor) on the weight machines. I have lost about 10 pounds but what's most exciting is the 2" off my thighs!! WooHoo! My jeans fit so much better now in that area. Only about an inch off my waist and no decrease in pants size (yet) but at least my size 12s aren't cutting off the circulation to the lower half of my body.

And it's nice that Sweet Pea doesn't mind the childwatch area. Which is funny too because it's called "child WATCH" not "child CARE".

Exactly what are they doing? Just watching her? "Hey, that one is scaling the bookcase. Watch her go!"

Seriously, they are good with them. The only thing that aggravates me is they won't change diapers. So I'm in the middle of a workout and they come in and tell me she's got a stinky diaper. That really kind of screws up my exercise. And then of course, she wants to leave with me. Lucikly it's not all that often.

So here's to hoping that I stay this motivated. It's kind of hard to go to work at a cardiology office and preach at the patients while I sit home on my rear eating chocolate.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Moment of Quiet Reflection

Just sitting here at the computer, paying a few bills before even more days get away from me and it's the first of a new year. The boys are getting their hair cut and the little one is sleeping, so it's quiet here. I'm thinking of how blessed I am this year. It's amazing really, how many Christmases we had prior to Bubba coming into our lives...where we were with family, but so alone in our hearts. No sweet little stocking hung up, no "gotta have it" Christmas gift for our child. (This year it was a DS) God has blessed me with these two beautiful children. And two more that I will hold at some other time.

This year will be really fun because Bubba is still all into the magic of Christmas and Santa and Sweet Pea is big enough to really be into it. So much so that the gifts are all on the spare room bed so she doesn't unwrap them all in warp speed. We do Santa. He knows that Christmas is about Christ, not presents. But Santa is fun and I don't see anything wrong with it personally. I am not screwed up in the head because my parents lied to me about a fat guy bringing gifts. I'm fairly well adjusted.

I know I haven't been blogging much, I really don't feel that anyone cares about most of the stuff rambling in my head. But I just felt like saying that as I sit here paying my bills, a small part of my mind is reflecting on why we celebrate Christmas. We had our Christmas program at church this past weekend and 47 people were saved. The same little Christmas story that pretty much everyone knows, even if they don't believe it. Why, this time, did those 47 people "get" it? I don't know, but God had them there those 2 nights because HE knew they were ready to really HEAR the story and realize what is so important about this holiday. I like what our preacher said. Some people think it's just all a lie. But what other lie has sustained for 2000+ years? Watergate was figured out in a few days. And it's funny that so many who try to disprove Christ as the Messiah end up being saved (Have you read "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel?)

It's just about overwhelming to wrap your head around it. That's where faith comes in. I believe it because He said it. It's all written down. That's all I need to know.